The Long Island Pine Barrens Society, alongside Citizens Campaign for the Environment, Group for the East End and The Nature Conservancy formed The Long Island Clean Water Partnership.  We are a coalition of Long Island's leading conservation organization who are partnering and collaborating with scientists, public officials, community members, businesses, and a number of other stakeholders in order to implement solutions to the decline in water quality on Long Island.


Through the Long Island Clean Water Partnership's website, hundreds of residents, like you, have sent letters to elected officials asking them to protect our waters.  As a result, state legislation to reduce harmful nitrogen from sewage has been introduced in the Senate and the Assembly.


While we are encourages by the progress, we continue to face challenges.


Most recently, the Suffolk County Legislature passed the 2014 budget by raiding nearly $33 million from the Drinking Water Protection Program.  In addition, water quality in Long Island's bays and harbors was among the worst on record last summer.  There were beach and shellfish harvesting area closures, toxic brown and red tides in bays and harbors and harmful blue-green algae in our fresh water ponds and lakes.


The single largest cause of our poor water quality is nitrogen pollution leaking from aging sewer and septic systems - but we can fix this!  We need stronger policies and standards that will limit the amount of nitrogen in our groundwater.  The Long Island Clean Water Partnership is researching the best technologies available, educating the public through community forums, reaching out to media outlets and meeting with elected officials.  Still, we need your help!


Tackling the issue of water quality is one of Long Island's biggest environmental challenges.  We need everyone to take notice and call for action.  After all, there's nothing more important than clean water - to drink, swim in or fish from - it defines life here on Long Island.


Get involved and join the Long Island Clean Water Partnership by visiting our website:!  You can also find us on Facebook and Twitter!





The Long Island Pine Barrens Society started Long Island Moms For Clean Water, an organization of concerned Long Island families committed to improving the quality of drinking water and surface water from Great Neck to Montauk for the future of our children.  We provide information on how to persuade public officials to support water protection efforts and how to protect water in your home.


There are two ways to get involved:  1. Individuals can join Long Island Moms For Clean Water by visiting our website and  2. Individuals can receive daily alerts on water quality protection efforts, ways to protect the resource at home and relevant news stories by Liking us on Facebook and Following us on Twitter.


If you have any questions, please email or contact Katie Muether at 631-369-3300.