As Long Islanders work to complete preservation of the Long Island Pine Barrens by public purchase of the most sensitive areas or through purchase of development rights, the Societyís role is increasingly becoming one of stewardship.

Fewer than 3,000 acres of the Core Preservation Area of the Pine Barrens remain in private hands with an additional 3,000 acres in the Compatible Growth Area targeted for protection.  Thus, the job of securing the Pine Barrens to protect drinking water and to preserve critical habitat is slowly winding down.

Our next challenge is to develop plans to manage this extraordinary natural resource.  What kind of activity is appropriate and where?  What parts of the Pine Barrens lend themselves to recreation and which parts only to scientific study?  How will access be encouraged, yet controlled?  How will land be protected, drinking water recharge assured and fire managed?

The Society is working with government agencies, law enforcement and non-profit organizations to develop comprehensive management for Long Islandís premiere ecosystem.  Three important committees of the New York State Central Pine Barrens Commission are actively involved in stewardship matters. 

Additionally, the Society hosts seasonal trail maintenance hikes in the Pine Barrens.  The work hikes are open to the public.  To find out about future work days, please call (631) 369-3300 or sign up to receive updates by email.