Action Alerts

Help Preserve Pine Barrens Land in Western Suffolk

There’s less than a week left in the 2018 legislative session and we need your help. Right now, the New York State Assembly is sitting on a bill that would add additional acres of Pine Barrens land from the Pilgrim State Hospital property to the Oak Brush Plain State Preserve. The State Senate has already passed this important measure, now it’s time for the Assembly to act.

The measure seeks to preserve rare pine-scrub oak barrens land. The Edgewood Preserve (and adjacent and contiguous Pilgrim parcel) form the largest area of open space west of Brookhaven, is the second largest remnant of pitch-pine scrub oak habitat in all of New York State, and is the largest natural wildlife corridor in Western Suffolk County. The preserve and adjacent lands are home to many plant and animal species that are on New York State’s Endangered, Threatened and Special Concern lists (Friends of Edgewood).

Please help us preserve this important, rare tract of western Pine Barrens land. Please send a letter to the co-sponsors of this important piece of legislation and ask them to act now to preserve this property! Don’t forget to add your name to the bottom of the letter!


60 acres of Pine Barrens land in Mastic proposed for preservation within the Pine Barrens’ Core Preservation Area have been cut down for a planned solar farm project!  This is an assault on Long Island’s most environmentally sensitive ecosystem. The pitting of solar against woodlands is unacceptable. Both resources need to coexist on Long Island.

This clearing comes amidst a preservation victory on Long Island’s North Shore – where more than 800 acres of precious Pine Barrens land in Shoreham was added to the Core Preservation Area by the 2018-2019 State Budget. Also included in the state budget is language urging the relocation of solar to more beneficial locations like rooftops, parking lots and previously cleared land so that the devastation in Mastic can be prevented from ever happening again. 

Contact Governor Andrew Cuomo, State Senator Kenneth LaValle and Assemblyman Steve Englebright to share your support for their preservation of the Shoreham property and for your belief that trees should not be sacrificed for solar panels.