Chickadee on a branch

The Long Island Pine Barrens offer some of the best birding on Long Island. 

A bird identification book that focuses on birds of  northeastern United States will help you identify the plethora of species.  Grab your binoculars and head out into the woods.  We suggest you check out the Brookhaven National Laboratory Bird Checklist to help you identify what species will be around during different times of the year.

Wertheim National Wildlife Refuge offers a wonderful birding experience.  Close to 300 species of birds have been documented here.  The diversity in species ranges from breeding forest interior species to whippoorwills, breeding least bitterns, osprey and saltmarsh bird communities.  The refuge winters up to 5,000 waterfowl including black ducks, a species in nationwide decline.  The coastal location of the refuge makes it an excellent migration corridor particular to shorebirds, raptors and songbirds.

You may also want to come on a group hike with the Society.  Our hikes are always led by expert naturalists, who would be more than happy to teach you about the variety of bird species in the Pine Barrens. You can e-mail to inquire about a group hike or to be added to our hiking list.

For more information regarding bird watching on Long Island visit:

Huntington Audubon Society

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There are many places to bird watch on Long Island, but here are some of our favorite spots:

Cover Photo: Rich Leche