Suffolk, Riverhead Mull Partnership in Peconic Land Acquisition

RIVERHEAD – Suffolk County is hoping to partner with the Town of Riverhead to purchase 16 acres of land along the Peconic River.

The town would then maintain the land as a park. Supervisor Laura Jens-Smith says she is interested.

However, some on the Riverhead Town Council say the project is too costly.

“You’re talking about administrative costs, we’re talking about engineering costs, just basic upkeep with buildings and grounds,” says Councilman James Wooten.

Wooten says the property faces topographical challenges, and would require Department of Environmental Conservation regulations and permitting.

“You’re talking about hundreds and hundreds of thousands of dollars,” says Wooten.

Environmentalist Richard Amper, of the Long Island Pine Barrens Society, disagrees.

“This is a spectacular place. It would not take much to maintain and it would make Riverhead a real devoted member of the environment,” says Amper.

By Darius Radzius, News 12 Long Island 

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