Resolutions to Start in 2022

It’s that time of year again when we all reflect on the past year and start planning for the year ahead.  The new year is always a great time to start out fresh and think about adopting some new habits.  In this blog, we’ll outline some New Year resolutions for you to consider!

Take more walks

The mental and physical benefits of moving your body and getting out into nature are well-documented.  The Long Island Pine Barrens is filled with beautiful natural spaces for you to explore.  Whether you’re looking for a quick 30-minute power walk or an extensive several miles-long hike, the Pine Barrens has you covered! Check out our recreation guides to help you get started.  Or check out one of our past blog posts that outlines our Top 5 Favorite Pine Barrens Hiking Spots.

Make the switch to reusable products          

It’s no secret that we have a global waste issue that is greatly impacting our environment.  Making the switch to reusable products can greatly reduce your waste and save you some money! Here are some great, easy switches to make: reusable water bottles (instead of individual plastic bottles); hand towels (instead of paper towels); rechargeable batteries; reusable grocery bags; reusable straws; reusable k-cups or tea strainers; or glass storage containers (instead of plastic wrap or sandwich bags).  The possibilities are endless!

Learn more about Long Island’s natural environment

Long Island’s natural environment is a fascinating subject to study, filled with geology, ecology and history lessons! How was Long Island formed? What kind of plants and animals can you find on Long Island? Did you know we have a globally-rare ecosystem on Long Island? Why can wildfire be a good thing? These are just some of the questions that you can work to find the answers to!

Here is some suggested reading from our website to help you get started in your learning quest:

Learn more about Long Island’s water and how you can help protect it

When you turn on your faucet in the morning to brush your teeth, where does that water come from?  Long Island is a very special place in that it is a Federally-designated Sole Source Aquifer Region.  This means that 100% of the drinking water for 2.8 million Long Islanders comes from a series of aquifers right beneath our feet! This also means that we have to take special care to make sure our water supply is protected.  Everything we do on land has the potential to impact our water quality.

Learn more about our water supply and how you can protect it at home by checking out these resources:

Whether it’s January 1st or sometime later in the year, the time is always right to work to protect and enjoy Long Island’s environment!

By: Katie Muether Brown, Long Island Pine Barrens Society